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Meet Angie

As a child I was adventurous, playful and made friends easily. Things took a turn in my teens, where I experienced betrayal from my best friend and bullying. This experience left me struggling with relationships. I just could never fit in - with the girls I was the tag along people pleaser, and I could never keep a boyfriend for longer than 2 weeks.


That changed when I met my husband online, we did stay together for 13 years but the marriage was very rocky, featured with a lot of emotional abuse.


I had severe social anxiety, was waking up in panic and fear every night, was depressed, overweight, unexplained health issues, and to top it all up, a 7 year- long infertility journey.

There were times where I was wondering where my life had gone, but every time I would dismiss it, thinking that it is what is meant for me, and there is no way out.


In 2014 I hit rock bottom, where I realised that sitting around hoping that things will get better just doesn’t work. That same week a colleague dropped me an email with a link to a webinar on energy healing. I blindly clicked on the link. I instantly got hooked. I discovered that there is an energy body, and by releasing negative emotions and limiting beliefs, we become “reprogrammed”, thus making real change a possibility. From then on my life was never the same. I had to go deeper. I started with hypnosis, which left me laughing like a little girl after just one session. Then I stumbled on Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and followed the Tapping World Summit. I took action and hired a coach. Together we worked on the root causes of my issues and started to heal them, one by one, using Energy Psychology.

The transformation I experienced was amazing. My default state became lighter, happier, empowered and enthusiastic. I lost the extra weight, and my health improved dramatically. 

But, the arguments with my husband became more frequent, and we became distant. We slowly and painfully learned to accept to let each other go in a loving way.


Once free, once the grief was processed, the doors were open, a new beginning was here, where I realised that I could have any life I want, and that there was no limit to what I could do. I never felt so light, happy and free. I learnt scuba diving, I travelled to the other side of the world solo, I delved into spirituality, and I became a certified Energy Psychology Practitioner.

I was offered a creative job, and my financial situation improved dramatically and effortlessly.


I learned a new way to relate with people. I have a healthy circle of friends and I regained the love and support of my family. I now know who I am and what I want, and every day I keep growing.


And, the greatest gift of all is I fell pregnant naturally, at age 43 and now I am overflowing with gratitude for my beautiful boy.

I am all about about healing old emotional wounds, blocks and limiting beliefs as a gateway to emotional freedom. Emotional Freedom means freedom from emotions arising from limiting beliefs which keep you stuck. Emotional Freedom means that you do not have to to anything, you have the freedom to choose. Choose to do anything, to go anywhere, to meet anybody. More and more people are getting there, and yes, it is indeed possible. And you?


The methods I use are:

  1. Energy Psychology, with the main component being EFT tapping. EFT is a very simple self applied technique highly effective to permanently resolve Trauma, Stress and Anxiety. It has been used to help War Veterans permanently release their PTSD. I am a certified Practitioner with EFT Universe, the leaders in Clinical EFT and Energy Psychology Research.

  2. Somatic Alignment and Breathwork is a comprehensive process that integrates various techniques, including trigger points, dynamic movements, breathwork, and somatic de-armoring, aimed at releasing challenging blockages and addressing unresolved traumas stored within the body. I am a certified practitioner trained by Santiago Ramirez from Somatic Energy Alignment.

  3. Balancing for rapidly installing positive empowering beliefs into your subconscious mind with PSYCH-K®. This technique is very powerful for rapidly manifesting your heart's desires.

  4. Meditation practices. Did you know that there are different types of meditation for different purposes? Whether you want to be more in your body and less in your mind, or want to release heavy emotions, harmonise your energy centres (chakras), feel more Love, or tune into your Quantum Brain. I have practices for all of these and much more! All meditations are recorded for you to repeat unlimited times! I am trained in these practices by New Humanity Life.

  5. Other practices: Emotion Code for releasing trapped emotions, Logosynthesis for reframing an unwanted memory.

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