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EFT Tapping Removes "Nightmare Dentist" Trauma

Jane went on holiday in the Caribbean with her boyfriend and had a bad accident. Her chest was injured and she had a long and painful recovery, plus a permanent scar to remind her of the ordeal. After that terrible trip, she intuitively felt the need to heal more things from her past. She ended her relationship with her boyfriend, who did not offer her the care and nourishment she needed, and came to me for a session. Her intuition was showing her that her accident proneness was linked to a fearful event from the past, an event so painful that she needed help to overcome. I must admit that the very clear link made things easier, as we all know that it can sometimes take a lot of time and work to reveal a client’s core issues.

The event went back to when Jane was 14. She was taken to the dentist by her parents. We agreed to use the Movie Technique, especially since Jane was not ready to face the details of the event. We agreed to call the movie “The Nightmare Dentist” and tapped on the Movie Title until it was down to a 2. Jane was then ready to face this trauma one more time, with EFT, of course. We tapped on the event in every detail, starting from the point where her parents left her alone with the dentist, the fear she felt, the constriction in her body when she was tied to the dentist chair, the look on the dentist’s face. Tapping brought all these aspects down to 0.

The next aspect was the sound of the drill, which was at such high intensity that we needed to revert to Tearless Trauma by simply calling it “The Drill.” After one round, we could tap while describing in detail the sound of the drill and the moment when the drill was applied. There was then the taste of blood in Jane’s mouth and the feeling of horror. Again, tapping brought everything down to 0.

We rewound the movie and went through it again. Jane just could not let go of the anger she felt toward her parents for leaving her behind. It was a 6, and we could not bring it down. I suspected that there was secondary gain, in that the anger was keeping her safe from further injustices being done to her. We tapped on her resistance to letting go of the anger and on all the advantages of holding on to this anger.

We then tapped on a reframe of her realizing that her parents could not have known what would happen to her, maybe they even were not given the option to stay with her. After releasing the resistance connected with the anger toward her parents leaving her behind, it immediately went down to 0.

We went through the whole Nightmare Dentist movie again and there was no charge, but she was still angry at the dentist for what he did and was imagining who else he might have harmed. We tapped on this, bringing her to a place of total calm and peace regarding this event.

That night I had my own nightmare, which woke me at 2 a.m., evidence of how client triggers can be our own triggers. When I was 9, I used to help my dad slaughter rabbits we bred. The image came to me during the night of a rabbit with blood gushing out of its nose. I immediately saw this healing opportunity and tapped on myself until it released.

Back to Jane, nine months later. She is currently traveling the world without fear and without accidents until she finds a place she will call home. She heals herself and wants to heal others.

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