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Freedom to live....and to relate.

Do you want to free yourself permanently from anxiety and feel joy, peace and harmony every single day?
Do you want to have an awesome relationship with yourself and attract relationships aligned with you?
It's time to take action. 

Permanent Anxiety release

Is it really possible to be permanently free from life crippling anxiety? The answer is YES! You will have a safe space to uncover and release the underlying causes of your anxiety for good. We use Energy Psychology (main component EFT) as well as somatic alignment and breath work to permanently release the emotional charge of selected traumatic events, significantly reducing your Anxiety because you no longer get triggered in the present.

Relationship Coaching

Whether you are going through a breakthrough, a breakup or at crossroads in your relationship, this programme is designed to gain clarity, heal from past relationship patterns, rapidly uncover childhood trauma and release permanently with Energy Psychology, Somatic Alignment and Breathwork. You will realign your energy and belief system to effortlessly step into your sovereign self and live the life of your dreams.

Spiritual coaching

A programme designed for you to feel centred, lighter, happier and stronger, becoming the master of your thoughts, emotions and feelings. From this place, you connect with your higher self where you access your Inner knowing, your Inner Light and Inner Love. Sessions are based on the map of spirituality and levels of consciousness.

Workshops and Events

I offer Workshops and events on various topics including Conscious Living, Trauma release, Transforming Relationships, Manifestation, Self Love, Manifestation, Relationships, Emotional Regulation for Parents and Children.Working in groups amplifies healing and enables you to connect with like minded souls!

Want to do it alone?

How to Heal from Toxic Relationships

My signature online programme designed to identify what makes a relationship toxic, leaving or staying in the relationship and how to handle it, learn effective energetic practices which you can do on your own to release trauma, stress  and anxiety, self love practices and tips on healthy relating and manifestation.

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"Angie is such a kind, beautiful soul with a happy easygoing energy. After just 3 sessions, I've learnt to shift my energy and focus within. I was able to tap into some past traumas that I didn't even realise I was holding onto and release them, making room for and inviting new and exciting opportunities. Angie has a way of making this process so uncomplicated especially when you tend to overthink everything, she makes you feel calm and at peace, reassuring you that we all have it in us to attract what we want. She has given me some great and simple tools to be able to continue my journey at home on my own. The best part is that whenever I feel I need to ask her something, she will always be there to help. Thank you Angie, it's been a wonderful experience working with you."

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The main energetic release tool I use is EFT tapping.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) marries Western Psychology with Eastern Energy Psychology. It involves tapping on certain acupressure points, mostly on the face while recalling and feeling a traumatic memory from the past or stress and anxiety about the future. It brings you back from the Fight Flight Freeze response to the Relaxation Response within minutes. 



"I have done this technique through Angie and can ensure that it helps you to settle some demons that keep you back from being your best self! We've all had negative experiences in our past, some worse than others, but some good news is that they needn't haunt you anymore. Your anger and tipping points that you cannot understand, suddenly come to light and you gradually become able to control them. The process is much faster than other therapies I know of, however can also work well alongside other therapeutic disciplines. I cannot recommend EFT with Angie, enough. Contact her for a consultation and I wish you all the very best!"

Somatic Alignment and Breathwork

These sessions are aimed at restoring Nervous system balance and facilitate a profound reconnection with your inner wisdom and innate capacity to heal.

We engage in a deep somatic de-armouring process and breathwork practices to release the burdens of the past held within your body. This process creates a gateway that reignite your energy flow and nourishes your essence at a Nervous System Level.

"I'm feeling good. More connected. Both to body and mind. More aware." J.I.A.

Spiritual coaching

Tap into your inner light, master your thoughts, feelings and energies, be one with life, and you will never feel low again.1:1 Spiritual coaching sessions are based on the map of spirituality and levels of consciousness. Find out where you are now and work with effective practices designed to raise your level of consciousness.



"Hello dear Angie, I would love to thank you again for our amazing session yesterday. That was such a big chunk inside me and I didn't realise how it had affected my life! I am grateful I now dared to look at it with your encouragement, since this was one of the things that I never wanted to revisit. But I feel so much more free now and things are falling into place. Even the reasons of this encounter and what I am here to do. So thank you again, much love"

Check out my blog!

It's about relationships, the energetic release tools I use, self love and self care, you name it.

Meet Angie

Hi, I'm Angie, and I am an Energy Psychology Practitioner, Somatic Alignment Practitioner and Meditation Teacher. I am passionate about freeing people from the anxieties which are keeping them stuck. I am an empath. I have the ability to feel what you feel, hold the space and help you release your anxieties permanently. I help you heal and thrive after a relationship breakup and learn to relate in a new healthy way. I have done a ton of healing and research with various energy tools and techniques which I used to heal myself from troublesome relationships throughout my life, and infertility. I am now on a spiritual path, working with the levels of consciousness.


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