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The Most Important Relationship of All

This group is all about Relationships. Relationships with friends, romantic relationships, family, neighbours, shop owners, co-workers. But what about the most important relationship of all, the relationship with ourselves?

During the last few months I was doing great. I am shining my light at work, in my business, in my relationships. Giving advice, helping people, clearing and transmuting energies. Then suddenly something happened, the things which used to work before no longer did. I was feeling a deep pull, a deep calling, a calling to stop, to ground. Instead of listening, I kept pushing through normally, believing that, how can a single mum with 2 jobs simply stop?

Then on Monday, a common cold manifested, or such is what the doctor said. I have had colds before, where I manage to keep going normally, but this was different. I felt smashed down, unable to 'do' anything. I felt so weak that I could not move, I could not think or act upon anything. My energy levels were so low. I had to stop and I did, the Universe got to me, I had no other choice. It was time to nurture that one relationship, the relationship with myself.

When my coach mentioned this to me many years I was like what? I have myself all along, how can I have a relationship with myself? And then I learned that you surely indeed can. It is about observing yourself, listening to yourself, finding out what is going on, and giving yourself what you need. It is about reevaluating your life and where you are headed, release more wounds and reset intentions moving forward.

After many years of relating with myself I was overjoyed at the opportunity to stop, to rest, to relate with myself. I am taking some time off, resting, having a scrub and bath, releasing, letting go of all those conditioned personas which are not really me, reading a book, setting intentions, and asking for support when needed. That was another mistake I was making, believing that I can do it all alone. Far from it! It is ok to ask for support, to be open to receiving. And wow yes did I receive! My parents took over caring for Fred, my soul sisters stepped in to support me in this emotional transition, and my work colleagues took over my work. My date offered to bring me soup. Do we have to do it all alone? NO!

We see a lot of quotes about that we are the one we have been waiting for. It is true, however, we are not supposed to do it all alone. So where is the balance here? What is right? The message I would like to bring across is that we need to nurture the relationship with ourselves to fill our own cup for ourselves and to show up for others and understand what we need for others to love us in a better way, thus improving the flow and richness of our relationships with others. How does that sound?

My question to you is? What is the relationship with yourself like? How does all this resonate with you?

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