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Top 3 tips for Manifesting Love

Everyone I speak to is looking for something. Looking for Love, for that one person who is the end to it all, that whom we when we meet them, the search will be over, and we rest. For those who are in a relationship with a long term partner, they know that this is not the case. So why this searching, this longing for that one true Love?

For those of you who are single, how do we deal with it? How do we deal with being single and what can we do to manifest the partner of our dreams?

I always speak of feeling complete and whole on your own, and while looking for Love, this definitely still applies. The number one thing which could be blocking you from finding your perfect partner is the searching itself, the wanting, the belief that you will feel complete and whole only when you find them. I encourage you to drop that belief right now. I have not manifested the perfect partner yet, however what I do know is that, apart from being clear about what we want, the wish lists, the vision boards, the affirmations, we need to keep those vibrations high. This means that we need to feel good even without what we desire. It is extremely important because if we don't we end up in the energy of wanting, of lack, and therefore abundance does not come to us.

Therefore, after making your lists of what you want, and if you don't know what you want, make a list of things you don't want and turn them into things you want, after creating those vision boards and affirmations, just let them go, and do what makes you happy. Feel good now, as if you already have it. Immerse yourself in gratitude! You will manifest what you want quicker and you feel good while doing it! Win win!

Second, it is important to not only be clear about what you want and raise your vibration, you need to take action. So it is all a combination between energy and action. Are you going out? Are you dating, whether online or otherwise? Are you putting yourself out there? Are you hanging out with like minded people?

Finally, sometimes when we are clear about what we want, we attract the exact opposite. Why does this happen? It is because we still have unconscious blocks stopping us and the Universe sends us these annoying circumstances to bring these to light, learn our lessons and heal. For me, for example, this is happening right now. I got the first two in order, but I still have more blocks to clear, with the latest realisation being that I still believe that I don't deserve something so beautiful, that it is not possible for me. I am so turning that around!

I will conclude with a sweet statement a collaborator told me. She works in a crystal shop, and a lot of people come to her shop to buy a crystal which will help them "Find Love". The crystal might help, but there is definitely more to it.

Where are you at in attracting your partner? 👇👇👇

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